Frequently Asked Questions about Student Funding

This FAQ is provided to answer answer questions that are frequently asked of Appropriations Committee members. Exact rules and policies are available the Financial By-Laws, which should be read by every student or student organization seeking funding.


How do I request funding?

Fill out a LEAF form two weeks (14 days) before your event or travel. PLEASE ITEMIZE ALL EXPENSES. LEAF forms can be found here:

Who approves funding?

The SBA Appropriations Committee handles all student travel requests and all student organization funding requests. The Committee consists of the Director of Finance, the SBA Chair, and one representative from each class. Current members are listed under the “About SBA” tab above.


Why should I attend a conference or symposium?

These events are important educational experiences that provide students with opportunities to further their interest in new and exciting areas of law. Through travel to approved events, students have the opportunity to network with legal scholars and fellow law students from other institutions. The SBA believes that funding approved travel is an important way to improve UCI Law’s national profile and supplement the educational experience of UCI Law students.

What is eligible for travel funding?

  1. Any conference including, but not limited to, academic conferences, legal association conferences, law journal conferences, and public interest conferences.

  2. Any conference for which an individual student is scheduled to present an academic paper.

  3. Any conference or meeting for which a student is required to sit on the board of a national student organization.

The Appropriations Committee also looks favorably toward student-initiated travel that is consistent with the mission of UCI Law. Examples of such travel includes the RebLaw Conference at Yale Law School, the Lavender Law Conference in New York City, and other events relating to public interest law and/or critical legal studies.

Who is eligible for travel funding?

Current UCI Law student are eligible to apply for travel funding reimbursement.

What expenses may be reimbursed?

  1. Conference registration fees up to $250.

  2. Travel and lodging expenses up to $500.

  3. For car travel over to location over 100 miles away from UCI: half of the gas mileage at a rate of $0.20 per mile.

Additional expenses may be reimbursable; please read the Financial By-Laws, available on this site, for specific details. The Appropriations Committee also encourages students to share hotel rooms, travel arrangements, and other travel expenses, whenever feasible.


What groups are eligible for funding?

Any registered student organization is eligible for funding. Registered groups are those registered with main campus, per procedures overseen by Jennah Jones, Director of Student Life and the SBA Director of Internal Affairs. Please direct questions about student organization registration towards Jennah or the appropriate current Board member.

What events are eligible for funding?

Any event hosted by a registered student organization that has been approved by the Law School and/or main campus (if applicable) is eligible for funding.

What events are not eligible for funding?

  1. Student-Sponsored Symposia. More information about student symposia here. Please contact Dean Schroeder with questions.

  2. Events that take place between the last day of finals in Spring and the first day of class in Fall.

What items are eligible for funding?

  1. Food and drinks (our policy is to fund $5/person based on reasonable attendance estimates)

  2. Speaker gifts ($20 and under)

  3. Speaker Travel (based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, geographic location, mode of travel, and lodging costs)

  4. Conference Travel (see above for travel funding rules; see the Financial By-Laws for more detailed information)

  5. Other items at the Appropriations Committee’s discretion. Please feel free to reach out to the Director of Finance or your class Appropriations representative if you want to discuss specific funding requests.

What items are not eligible for funding?

1. Utensils

2. Speaker honoraria

3. Alcohol*

* The student organization budget cannot be used for alcoholic beverages. Any student organization wishing to serve alcohol must comply with University protocol. Funding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the SBA’s AGS budget. Email Enrico Purita at or see Jennah Jones in Student Services at least 30 days before such an event takes place.