Using the SBA-Run Class Listservs

Current members of the UCI Law student body can send announcements and information to their peers through the SBA-run class listservs. Please contact your class representative to get the listservs address.

When sending an email through the SBA-run listservs, remember:

  1. Each email has to be approved by a representative for each class before it can be sent through. For example, if you send an email to the 1L, 2L, and 3L listservs, the 1L reps must approve your email before any 1Ls will receive it. Same for the 2Ls and 3Ls.

  2. You will receive a reply from a representative from each class listserv telling you that your email is approved. If you do not receive such a reply within a reasonable time, you may email the appropriate representatives to inquire about the status of your email.

  3. Registered student organizations may send one email per week to the SBA-run class listservs of current classes.

  4. In their individual capacity, students may send one email per week to the SBA-run class listservs of current classes, provided the email pertains to law school-related events and activities.

If you receive an email from anyone outside of the current UCI Law student body, and believe that that email was sent through an SBA-run class listserv, please contact the SBA Director of Information Technology immediately.

The SBA’s listserv policies can be found in Article VII, Section A of the SBA By-Laws.