UCI Law Outline Bank

The Outline Bank requires an overhaul and is outdated.

The UCI Law SBA Outline Bank is a web application developed by SBA and available at: https://ucilawsbaoutlinebank.com. The entire, latest source code and commits are available at: https://github.com/ampodobas/uci-law-sba-outline-bank. It will launch in beta in March 2016 and is an actively developed open source project.  

The resources available on the SBA Outline Bank have been submitted by current and past UCI Law students.  These outlines are neither endorsed nor reviewed by the UC Irvine School of Law or UCI Law SBA. The UCI Law SBA and the application's developer(s) make no guarantees and issue no warranties, express or implied, as to the fitness or security of the application or the quality, accuracy, or thoroughness of any outlines uploaded to it.  Students are cautioned that these outlines may reflect the personal opinions or biases of their creators, and may contain inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete statements of law.
We believe that these outlines can serve as valuable academic resources, but do not endorse the use of these outlines as a replacement for a student’s own work. The UCI Law Academic Honor Code applies to students’ use of these outlines.  We strongly encourage students to review the Academic Honor Code before using these outlines to ensure that their use of them does not amount to a violation of the Academic Honor Code.  We also strongly encourage students to check with their professors to ensure that the professor for a particular course allows students to use outlines prepared by other students as study materials for his or her course.
These outlines are intended solely for use by UCI Law students. Account creation is If you believe that your outline is posted here in error, or if you wish to have your previously donated outline removed please contact the SBA IT Coordinator at lawsba-tech@lawnet.uci.edu and it will be taken down immediately.