SBA Board 2017-2018

Rachel Rice
SBA Chairperson

The SBA Chairperson is responsible for presiding over SBA meetings, facilitating SBA-sponsored events, and serving as the primary spokesperson for the SBA to the students, faculty, and administration. As SBA Chairperson, my goals this year are to (1) provide campus programming that helps each student feel valued and included; (2) maintain high levels of transparency and accountability to the student body; and (3) represent the student voice in the search for the new UCI Law School Dean.

Marcel Budiono

SBA Vice-Chairperson for External Relations

The Vice-Chair for External Relations leads SBA in attracting future students to UCI Law. This position also pursue initiatives to encourage better connections with other law schools and other departments at the UC Irvine campus. My goal as Vice-Chair is to increase UC Irvine’s presence with Orange County’s big law firms and public interest organizations. I also hope to develop more events and opportunities for networking for our student body. My priority is to plan events well to encourage high attendance.

Chaplin Carmichael

SBA Vice-Chairperson for Internal Relations

This position maintains open communication among the faculty, administration, and the student body. The Vice-Chair for Internal Relations coordinates the SBA Elections process for current, new, and open SBA positions. I also recruit volunteers to aid in the hiring process of faculty and other administrative committees.

Joyce Yu

SBA Director of Communications

The Director of Communications is SBA’s internal record keeper and external messenger, which means I am responsible for taking minutes and keeping any other records as deemed necessary by the Board. My other duties also include publishing the weekly minutes to the student body; informing the student body of SBA’s meetings; monitoring class listservs; and serving on the SBA Elections Committee. 

Katie Rice
SBA Director of Career Development

The Director of Career Development serves as the liaison between the student body and the career development and pro bono offices. I am also responsible for developing workshops and career development opportunities for UCI Law students.

Joseph O'Brien

SBA Director of Finance

My position maintains the SBA budget, informs the Board of Directors of requests for funding, advises SBA of fundraising efforts, and disburses funds once they are approved by the SBA Board. My goal for this year is to enhance transparency with how our finances are being allocated. I would also like to go beyond my role as a liaison between administration and the student body, and act as an advocate on the students’ behalf.

Jovan Ardy
SBA Director of IT

My position maintains all the electronic assets of the UCI, including but not limited to SBA-related listservs and the SBA website. I also assist with any technical issues that the student body might have. Additionally, I serve as a liaison between the student body and the IT department of the school, and troubleshoot any issues for students.

Justice Turner
SBA Director of Social Programming

As the Director of Social Programming, I execute and plan social events throughout the year based on the demands of the student body.  Some of the main events I work to coordinate are bar reviews every other Thursday, friends and family socials, and our annual Barrister’s Ball. 

Bernice Diaz

SBA Associated Graduate Students Representative

Lovlean Purewal
SBA Associated Graduate Students Representative

Our position works to fully integrate the Law School with the greater UC Irvine Graduate Community. Our goal is to increase interdisciplinary interaction and to gain a better sense of what resources are available on the main campus. We would like to open up channels for the public relations of law school events on main campus and vice versa.

Cecilia Choy
SBA Director of Alumni Relations

The SBA Director of Alumni Relations serves as a liaison between the Alumni Board and the law student body. I aim to represent the law school students to the Alumni Board and continue the student body's strong relationship with the alumni.

We serve as Representatives for the Class of 2018. Primarily, we are looking forward to working with our classmates to fund-raise for the class gift, provide useful resources to our classmates about bar requirements and graduation, and relay any concerns or ideas our classmates may have to the SBA Board and UCI Law administration and faculty. 

Emma McBurney
3L Class Representative

Hannah Jeffrey
3L Class Representative

Trey Wilson
3L Class Representative

As representatives for the Class of 2019, we have many goals for the year. Primarily, we want to continue to keep our class united even though our courses keep us busy and on campus at different times. Additionally, we plan to coordinate with the 1L and 3L representatives to create mixed class events in hopes to facilitate a more integrated and collective student body.

Pacifico Soldati
2L Class Representative

Paul Strickland
2L Class Representative

Sue Chang
2L Class Representative


We are proud to represent the class of 2020 through our first year of law school. Our goals are to facilitate camaraderie between our mods, and to ensure that our classmates have all the resources we need to be successful through this year.

Parth Jani
1L Class Representative

Eldrin Masangkay
1L Class Representative

Kristen Kido
1L Class Representative

Tina Tsaur
1L Class Representative

Simon Schrottenbaum
LLM Class Representative